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IASA is an exciting student organization that offers students an opportunity to discover the dynamic internal audit profession that is continually broadening in scope and importance. It will also provide you with networking opportunities with companies through the monthly IIA luncheons, colloquiums, career mixers, mini mixers, and office visits throughout the semester. IASA will partner with the Houston Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and provide a mentorship program to allow internal audit professionals and students to interact. In addition, our organization will provide social events and community service events for students to participate in throughout the semester.

Our membership is FREE

Learn about internal audit in different types of industries.

Will be able to network with Internal Auditors throughout the Houston area.

Will have access to LOTS internship/scholarship opportunities.

Do not have to pay dues.

Get a FREE t-shirt.

Attend the IIA Luncheons once a month at the Houston Club downtown.

“Meet an Internal Auditor” meeting every week.

Houston IIA Conference

Volunteer at the Food Bank

Social Activities / Networking with alumni

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